Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Double Your Rebate Check In Vegas

I wonder whether the Economic Stimulus Plan will truly benefit the American economy. Most people who receive a rebate check will either spend it at Walmart which will mostly benefit China, or put it in their gas tank,which will benefit the Arabs.

So, my suggestion is that you take your rebate check and use it for a vacation in Las Vegas. That way, you can assure that the money will mostly stay here in the USA, and stimulate at least one part of the American economy. If you have a choice, fly here, rather than drive. While the planes are still built here in the good ol' US of A. OOOPS! I almost forgot what just happened to Boeing with the recent Air Force tanker contract fiasco. And, of course, the airline industry has to get its Jet Fuel from you know who... what was I thinking?

NAFTA, CAFTA, cocka-doo-da do-dah! I still don't see how these new trade agreements are benefiting the average American worker. Who consulted with Joe six pack when they passed that crappy legislation? We are witnessing both the watering down of the American dollar and the dilution of American culture, all within the span of less than a decade. People are losing jobs everywhere and we are on the verge of stagflation or worse yet, the big "D" word. If you are on a fixed income watch your buying power dwindle down to bupkis. I am beginning to think that there is some truth to the conspiracy theory that says the Illuminati ( the people that really rule the world ) are trying to depopulate ( read: "genocide" ) the Earth to some "manageable" level. As if watching "An Inconvenient Truth" wasn't enough torture.

I'm glad I could get all this off my chest. Just don't forget to bring your rebate checks to Vegas. Remember, most all casinos will cash your US Treasury checks and even give you a chance to double it on their paycheck wheel. How American is that?!

“Right now more than half the revenue in Las Vegas is off the casino floors. It’s very much a market built on $300 hotel rooms, $200 dinners and $100 show tickets,” said Robert LaFleur, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group. “Any softness in room revenue is almost a one-to-one hit to the bottom line. Its something we are watching very closely.’’

See Entire Fox Business Article: "Can Las Vegas Weather an Economic Slowdown?"


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