Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Future Of WHV

I promised in a previous blog that I would do some soul searching on the future of this blog and report back before the end of January.

Since 1)the blog is still generating a small monthly income from ads, and I am accepting payments for links, and 2) I can't restrain my compulsion to write about Vegas topics ( for you astrology aficionados, I was born in the sign of Leo with Gemini rising ), I will continue to contribute to this blog, but most likely, not at the rate I previously posted. Hopefully, the quality of my posts will increase as the frequency of posting decreases!

To start, I will probably post once a week and gradually increase the frequency.
( Please subscribe to the blog so that I may keep track of readership - it would be greatly appreciated -- see the sidebar. ) Looking at the vast constellation of Vegas blogs and other Vegas related sites, I don't think as only one person I could ever hope to compete with the established information and events oriented blogs, but I will link to and recommend the best of them. An exception would be on the rare occasion that I attend an event ( concert, show, convention, etc. ) personally and so I would be in a position to provide a first hand report. I will continue to promote musicians and other Vegas entertainers that I like, because the compulsion to promote is also part of my "birthright". Hopefully, as my financial ability and health improve, this will happen more often.

The emphasis or niche for this blog will continue to be my personal experiences living in this rapidly changing place called Vegas -- a place unlike any other place on the earth. I hope to cover the cultural and "sociological" changes I am noticing which seem to accelerate daily. I intend to make the blog more personal and original, and I will sprinkle much of my writing with the same bad attempts at humor as I always have done ( sorry!). I hope I can get more guest authors to cover the Vegas events much better than I can.

I want to thank everybody who has written to me encouraging me to keep WHV alive. Maybe in some small way keeping this blog alive will also help keep me alive and kicking to see Vegas enter the roaring twenty twenties and beyond!!


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