Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Spot Is Las Vegas

Did you ever wonder if where you are living is where you should be living?

I just finished the "Find Your Spot" quiz to find the best places in the USA that match my interests and lifestyle preferences and the answers that came back were uncanny!

Of the top five cities that came back as a best match for me, number two was Vegas, number five was where I now live ( Henderson, Nevada ) and number three was where I had lived before ( Albuquerque, New Mexico ).

None of the cities I liked in California came up as a match because I specified rental rates and a monthly mortgage range that was just too low for Cally. The first Cally city that comes up ranks way down the list, and it is a city ( Riverside or Long Beach, I can't remember ) where I would never consider living anyway.

My preference for a city with a good hospital nearby would severely limit the results, at least that's what I had thought. But even after relaxing that restriction, I got similar results. I know I like the sunshine and dryness of the Southwest, so this seemed to have the greatest influence on the final results. Oh, and the excitement of living near the "Entertainment Capital Of The World" might have also been an important factor :)

Try this fun quiz and see if "where you is" where you should be!!


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