Friday, November 30, 2007

Vegas After Death?

Because of my advancing age and current medical condition, I am thinking about my own mortality just a little more than I would really like to lately. Thoughts of the possibility of a life beyond the grave arise and fall, and with the tide of my own doubts, comes a fear that I may not wind up in the most desirous accommodations there.

Also, I am lately often asking myself: what exactly does one do with all that time ( some use the term "eternity" )in the afterlife? Do we still eat, sleep, smoke, have sex? If being without a corporal body eliminates the necessity of biological functions, then what is left to do? The mental picture of floating around with a white robe playing the harp and singing without any musical training amuses me. Some theologians and philosophers say that developing the so called lofty pursuits of the mind --- that what you create in your mind becomes instant reality, etc. --- is the way we occupy our time in the hereafter. What exactly does this all mean and who is to say that this does not also become somewhat boring after a while?

I am reminded of the old joke: when I die I want to go to hell, because that's where all the great parties are. Which leads me to the premise: why not model heaven after Vegas? Now, before you say that Vegas is not always such a wholesome place, and how dare I compare it to the Lord's abode, please bare with me ( uh, did I phrase that right? ). Let's assume that in the "Vegas heaven" we can all at least still simulate the biological functions. There is just so much happening here that one just might be able to spend a long time doing stuff without really getting bored. And we can still pursue all the pleasures of life as we continuously thank the Creator for granting them. There could even really be sex after death! The comic's language might have to be cleaned up a tad, magic shows may not be as impressive, etc... but we can all still enjoy them. The food could be eaten without fear of weight gain! The losers and winners in the end would all be equal, since money would have no intrinsic value. (Is that what was meant by "the last shall be first"? )

But, you might still argue, where is the justice and the rewards for those who lead a good life and the punishments for those who don't? Oh, that's easily resolved in the accommodations. In the "Vegas in the sky" I envision, good people would stay at the ethereal version of the Bellagio. Bad people would still live in motels on East Fremont Street.


Anonymous said...

interesting thought! I am not positive but I do feel as if I know where I am going. Now the thought of singing and playing music is a warm welcome. There are so many musically capable blind individuals and I can only play the radio.

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