Friday, November 16, 2007

Born Under A Bad Sign

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Albert King : Born Under A Bad Sign

I really think that there is such a thing as a lucky streak, although I will never be able to prove it. The problem is that most people that experience a lucky streak don't realize it is over, and then their lucky streak becomes an unlucky streak. Morale of the story: know when to quit. ( I know, it is easier said than done. )

I also think that some people are inherently luckier than others, but it is hard to tell if their anticipation of good things happening in their lives opens the door for good things to happen to them. Chicken or egg, which came first?

I think there is such a thing as bad luck, and some people seem to have more of it than others. It just might be their outlook on life that is causing the bad luck, or it just might be their karma. Or their stupor - station ( or stupid situation?).

In the casino the other day I notice that there is a multi reel video gambling game that is called "Change Your Luck" --- it features thirteen buttons, black cats, walking under a ladder, broken mirrors, the number thirteen, etc. If you lose playing it, what have you proved? Does it just confirm that you are still unlucky?

So when you go into a casino with the intention of winning, do you have a better chance than somebody who does not? I think it would be a neat idea if casinos let you play a while for nothing just to "test your luck" and then if your luck is good, you could continue to play for money.

On the highest level of reality there really is no such thing as luck, just the sh-t that happens to all of us living in this relative world. The trick is to accept everything that happens to you as a gift and deal with it. It is called life and there are lessons to be learned here.

One lesson I am learning a lot lately is to stay away from any games that claim to "Change Your Luck".

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