Friday, August 10, 2007

Top Ten Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

  1. Freemont Street Experience

    Las Vegas is more than the just a gambling paradise. In the middle of downtown, there is historic “Freemont Street Experience”. It is a pedestrian walkway, covered by over 12 million lights! It is billed as the largest big screen on the planet. It displays live video feeds There are street performers, vendors and the light show plays every night.

  2. Sirens Of TI

    A battle between a group of beautiful, tempting sirens and a band of renegade pirates. There are 4 family friendly shows nightly outside The Treasure Island Hotel. If you want to see this show I suggest you go early to get a good view, but be careful the closer you stand the wetter you get. It can be seen nightly at 7:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 10:00 p.m., and 11:30 p.m.

  3. Fountain shows at Caesars

    No civilization put on a greater spectacle than ancient Rome, and now you have a chance to witness the glory for yourself at Caesars Palace's fountain shows. While there also check out the The Fall of Atlantis show, which features King Atlas in an Animatronic Battle filled with fire, lights, and water.

  4. The Fountain Show At Bellagio

    Bellagio's world famous fountains dance to opera, classical and smooth music. The impressive size is sure to get your imagination going, as the water jets play their carefully choreographed movements. They usually operate every 15 minutes (sometimes delayed to weather conditions. There are plenty of different songs so feel free to stop back.

  5. Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

    One look into the MGM Grand's lion habitat and you'll be hooked. The majestic cats command adoration whether they're chasing a large ball, licking their immense paws or just lyin' around. This attraction also allows you to take a picture with some lions. (for a fee)

  6. Volcano at the Mirage

    Every hour after dusk, the Mirage volcano explodes forth for crowds of curious Strip onlookers. Every fifteen minutes from 7:00 p.m. to midnight, the earth shakes and flames shoot into the night sky spewing smoke and fire 100 feet above the waters below, transforming a tranquil waterfall into spectacular streams of molten lava.

  7. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo

    Visitors can take a closer look at the creatures that inspired the bright display of the hotel at there very own wildlife habitat. Surrounded by streams and waterfalls, the animal habitat is home to a flock of pink Chilean Flamingos, black and white swans, ducks, Koi fish, turtles and hundreds of birds fun for kids and "big kids" alike.

  8. White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage

    Siegfried & Roy's famous white tigers are living in style at the Mirage. The realistic habitat offers visitors a peek at these majestic animals. The White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage is an open-air home to Royal White Tigers bred by the famous magicians Siegfried & Roy. The tigers are allowed to roam free within the environment built just for them, with a swimming pool and special walls that they blend in with.

  9. Circus Circus Shows

    Almost twice an hour at the Circus Circus Hotel, there are free yet world class midway acts including jugglers and trapeze acts. A sure hit for any family vacation or relaxing tourist.

  10. Ethel M’s Chocolate Tour And Botanical Cactus Garden

    You have to Check out the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. A must see for chocolate lovers There is a self guided tour, that includes free samples, you can also purchase your favorite chocolates.

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