Friday, August 17, 2007

Counterfeiters In Las Vegas - This Year's Darwin Awards Winner?

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Security technology helps pinch Las Vegas counterfeiters

Knowing that Las Vegas casinos have some of the tightest security in the country, especially with regards to money, one has to wonder why counterfeiters would even bother to set up shop there. But criminals aren’t known for their smarts and this week federal authorities nabbed a couple who put tried to pass off at least $60,000 of fake cash at Caesars Palace in July. And the couple had way more money than that in reserve. According to the indictment, Chen Liu and Min Liu had more than 400 counterfeit $100 bills when they visited Caesars Palace between July 26 and July 31.

The Liu's targeted Caesars Palace and got Players Cards to receive hotel comps. Those cards are tied into a database that includes personal information about each registrant, including each player's home address, so when the fake money began flowing, Caesars network picked up on it within 48 hours, according to published reports. The indictment says security followed the cash trail to 13 machines and used surveillance video to identify the couple. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, U.S. Secret Service agents searched the Lius' Cadillac Escalade and found three red bags stuffed with about $30,000 in counterfeit $100 bills, the complaint said.

Chen Chiang Liu told the Secret Service that the money was a debt an acquaintance paid back to him and that he was unaware the money was counterfeit, according to the complaint. According to the Secret Service, from April 24 through July 30, agents recovered about $80,000 worth of counterfeit bills that were passed through slot machines and cashed out for real bills. In a statement to, Harrah's, which owns Caesars Palace, vice president, public relations, Deborah Munch says: "We don't comment on on-going investigations. However, it is important to note that we do take this very seriously as we want to protect our guests and the integrity of the game at Caesars Palace. We are vigilant and have a multi-layered defense system- combining technology, people and processes- that enables us to move quickly in conjunction with law enforcement officials."

The preceding is from Layer8's Blog On Network World.


Nick said...

Where is the last place you want to pass off fake money and sign-up for a players club card?

With more cameras per square-foot, how can you expect to get away with anything? People still try, Go figure...

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