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The Xtine Report: A Few Club Updates For Las Vegas

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***Updated June 27th***

Christine has updated this blog entry with the latest up to date information! To get all information on "parties and nightlife" for this blog entry, updated as of June 27, please refer directly to her Original Blog Entry.

Happy Summer, everyone!

I have a few updates for clubland in sin city:

  1. Bliss

    Bliss brings back their parties to Las Vegas with FUSION.

    Their parties feature couples w/ bisexual or bi-curious women. They're staying at Caesar's Palace and will have a topless pool party. They're coming to Las Vegas Aug. 16,17 and 18th.

    Thurs. the 16th they'll take their party to Sapphire's at night. Friday the 17th they'll be at Krave, and on Sat. they'll be at PollyEsther's in the Stratosphere.

  2. Body English

    Starkillers play at Body English for Ministry of Sound Wed. June 20th. De La Soul is performing live at Body English Fri. June 22nd. Doors open at 7 PM for the show. DJ'ing will proceed the live act. For the party on Friday at Body English called Indulge Steve Madden is this week's featured fashion focal point. 100 pairs of Steve Madden shoes will be given away. Ladies are free and drink free champagne all night. Indulge at Body English starts at 11 PM.

  3. Tao Beach 5 to 9 Party

    Jimmy Foster of BUSE the group of professionals who have gathered at the Stirling Club in Turnberry Place is behind the new weekly party called 5 to 9 at Tao Beach.

    Friday nights won't be the same after this week.

    One of the promotional entities is The Link, Joel Jarvis' brain child promotional group of bringing thousands of professionals in Las Vegas together will be hosting a party called 5 to 9 at Tao Beach beginning this Friday, June 22nd. to RSVP. First drink is free with RSVP, and complimentary food is passed during the event.

    Jason Strauss, Michelle Tsang, Chad Saunders and more of Tao are ready for this Friday night party that is sure to be a success.

  4. Triq

    Triq will have a 9+ DJ extravaganza on Friday June 29th.

    DJ's Keith Evan, Carlos Sanchez,Matthew Bandy, Marc George, Sky Ortiz, Lost Boys, Jason Merle, Jon Lemmon, and Johnny Fiasco will provide the beats. Live percussion will accompany the DJ's. Performance artists will amuse and encourage patrons to shake that ass. Holistic therapists will be available for consultation.

    TriQ is located in Planet Hollywood.

  5. Late Night Empire

    Late Night Empire, not to be forgotten, will have DJ Hollywood ( Who's now living in Vegas, if I'm not mistaken. ), DJ Inferno, and Brandon Scales, with Javier Alba, Keith Evan, and Carlos Sanchez Friday June 22. This party begins at 1 AM until breakfast.

    Saturday June 23rd Cedric Gervais, Timothy Heit, and James Lauer perform at Late Night Empire.

For other info. about clubbing in Las Vegas visit the free local weekly newspapers web sites: Las Vegas City Life & Las Vegas Weekly, or you can pick up a hard copy of them once you arrive.

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