Saturday, July 07, 2007

Las Vegas And Numerology - 7/07/07

I noticed that the date 07/07/07 is coming up. I wonder if this will draw more people to Las Vegas? July Forth falls on a Wednesday this year and people tend to extend their vacations into the weekend anyway (July 7th falls on a Saturday), so it will be hard to tell.

Gamblers tend to be very, very superstitious. Some mystical seer told me to carry the number 8 in my wallet (in the form of a playing card, but just drawing a number eight on an index card is supposed to do the trick) for good luck, because Eight is the traditional "Money Number" in numerology. It did not seem to affect my luck at all. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Rabbits feet don't seem to work for me either, I'm allergic. I think staying away from the casinos on holiday weekends when they tighten up the machines has always been very lucky for me - a break even proposition!

07/07/07 Predicted Busiest Weekend Rivaling New Year's!!

In Las Vegas, July 7 will be the busiest wedding day in the city’s history, according to David Foote of the Little Chapel of the Flowers, one of the gambling mecca’s ubiquitous wedding chapels

“Here at the Chapel of the Little Flowers we have 111 weddings so far. Unlike Valentine’s Day, these are big weddings. A lot of people are bringing as many as 60 guests to their wedding that day,” he said. “We currently have a wait list for that day as well ... We have been preparing for this day since the beginning of 2007.”

Alicia Malone of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said all of the city’s chapels have received a tremendous volume of requests for 7-7-07 weddings. Most will open early and close late to accommodate all of the ceremonies.

Gambling on Love

"One-armed bandits may get a workout in Vegas this weekend: Wedding halls are expecting a flood of couples betting that the triple-seven date (7/7/07) will bring a little luck to their nuptials.

No doubt about it, as surveys have shown, name recognition of Las Vegas is second only to Google. The Chinese, whose 888 (ba ba ba in Mandarin) is the equivalent of our 777, will have their chance at it on Aug. 8, 2008 when the day ciphers out to 8/8/08."


Cattiva said...

So was it as busy as expected?

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

I think so, but we will have to wait for the official stats from the Las Vegas Convention And Visitor's Authority, McCarran International Airport, The Weding Chapels, & the Hotels themselves. These stats can lag for months before they are actually tallied and published. My guess is that today was some kind of record close to New Year's (#1) and Chinese New Year's (#2)! Just judging from the traffic around town alone:)

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