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Frankie B Fashion Show Body English Las Vegas - The Xtine Report

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Frankie B Fashion Show Body English Las Vegas

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Last night I was hanging out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. I went over to say hello to my friend BUCKLEY, who is the dj at Simon on Fridays, Sundays and other dates as well. He mentioned they had the pre-Vegas Grand Prix party there at SIMON kitchen on Wednesday night with most of the Vegas Grand Prix drivers in attendance as well as many press personnel and executives from the race. While we were speaking, I couldn't help but notice that JON BON JOVI was dining at Simon. Kewl! BUCKLEY also mentioned that the HARD ROCK HOTEL is sponsoring a car for the VEGAS GRAND PRIX...and he said he thought it was PURPLE like many of their moving vehicles color and aesthetics. Fabulous! Now we can look for the Hard Rock Car on Sunday when they broadcast the 1st VEGAS GRAND PRIX (on NBC nationally 1PM -3 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time ).

I moved on to BODY ENGLISH for their Friday night party called "INDULGE". I was so excited to have my friends from out of town with me, and one of my local best mates with me, to go into one of Vegas's 'hottest' clubs. I have to admit I usually stay away from Friday nights unless pressed, due to my erroneous thinking that it's "tourist" night or "amateur" night. Boy was I wrong! BODY ENGLISH rocked!

FRANKIE B clothing line had a fabulous fashion show in the main room. ( SEE VIDEO ABOVE ). Ladies not only got in for free, they drank free champagne all night long. How hard can that be? I was "INDULGING". It's the details that make Body English so highly sought after: real glass ashtrays and stemware, faucets in the bathrooms shaped like exotic birds? well they're these HUGE brass swans maybe... anyway they're cool as B**P, the textures for the seating is plush, the lighting system is great, the "free" champagne was not sour tasting, there are plenty of places to stand and dance as well as a plethora of VIP booths. We love electronic music so we networked our way into the side room, or the VIP area dubbed "The House ROOM". It's a tiny space but the sound from those heavy speakers freaking resonated right through all of us!

The dj fully kicked arse, as my friends from the UK were noting. We were dancing up a sweat. We ended our night eating food at Mr. Lucky's 24-7 eatery in the Hard Rock.

Not in seven years of living here in sin city have I spent the entire night, let alone the entire FRIDAY night in one hotel.

- Xtine on the sin city scene

NOTE: Global Peace GrooVes podcast will soon feature DJ BUCKLEY's dj skills with a forty-minute set.

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