Friday, April 06, 2007

Amazing Johnathan faces heart transplant

Still recovering from my own heart problems, I hope the best for one of my favorite Las Vegas magicians.

From Norm Clarke's Las Vegas Review Journal Aricle:

'Sahara headliner Amazing Johnathan said doctors have informed him he faces a heart transplant if the latest treatments fail.

The comic magician said he has been taking blood thinners and will have a defibrillator placed in his heart next week.

"The heart is damaged and not going to get any better," he told Vegas Confidential.

He said a virus has been destroying his heart since childhood. "And they said I'll probably need a transplant."

He was shocked, he said, to learn his doctors are convinced he's already had a heart attack.

"If I lose the weight and keep my blood thin, I should be all right," he said. "They are seeing what they can do without doing the transplant."

He indicated he had no plans to end his show, although he had suggested recently he was considering retirement.'

The Amazing Jonathan according to Wikipedia.

Amazing Johnathan Official Site


GroovesGirlVegas said...

How tragic! I love Amazing Jonathon.
God bless you! I feel for you!
Amazing Jonathon's work is the kind of material that makes me have pains in the side from laughing. It just goes to show you never know what the person 'next' to you is going through.

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