Monday, March 05, 2007

Walking Las Vegas

I see my cardiologist on Tuesday for a re-evaluation. Part of my road to recovery from my recent sick ticker episode will most undoubtedly be some low impact exercises. Before my heart failure incident, I did some walking, but obviously not as often as I should have!

  • My favorite place of all time to walk in the Vegas area is around the pond at Sunset Park. Features people and duck watching!

  • My second favorite place to walk is the indoor "track" at the Desert Passage behind the Aladdin (now called Planet Hollywood, I can't keep up with all these corporation changes - others are better than me at this). I had posted about the Desert Passage several months ago.

  • offers several walking tour options on walking the Las Vegas strip, which I have not formally pursued yet. See also their "The Long Walk Down The Las Vegas Strip" article. Check out their other helpful articles on using a walking program to keep in shape.

  • Ironically, I signed up for the "Walking Around Nevada" program before my heart failure episode, but I did not contribute one step to fulfilling my personal daily walking goal. The spirit is more willing now, even if the flesh may be even more weak at this moment.

My cardiologist has not approved hiking Mount Charleston yet, but when he does I will know I am back to full recovery!


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