Sunday, March 04, 2007

Relax, Mike Max! Your Heart Is Jumping

As I posted in this blog few days ago, I almost died of congestive heart failure in a Henderson, Nevada hospital about two weeks ago. Once I was hooked up to the proper IV drips to control my irregular heart beat, and lower my rapid heart rate and high BP, I started to listen or more accurately use FOX cable news as a background noise from the hospital room TV as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

A very funny thing happened. I was in a very depressed state and began to pray and accept the possibility that I might not live through this ordeal. I could tell something was very wrong by the way the hospital staff was looking at me. So in my semi-sleep state, listening to endless, endless talk about Anna Nicole Smith from the TV , a commercial kept coming on periodically for Doubletree Inns with a song sung by some angelic voice ( now I know that voice to be the talented Dinah Washington ) singing "Relax Max" My name is Mike, not Max, but I felt the angel was singing directly to me:

Relax, Max, your nerves are just like jumpin' jax, Max.

Your heart is thumpin' with a crazy sound,

Hear it pound,

Bumpin', bumpin', bumpin', jumpin' up and down.

Stay cool fool,
Just take it easy, that's the rule fool ...

I actually started to laugh and the angelic voice made me feel that everything would be alright!

Here is the song "Relax Max" sung by Swingin' Miss 'D' ( from ).

Music has such healing powers!

About the song:

The song is called Relax Max by the Great Dinah Washington With Quincy Jones And His Orchestra recorded in 1956 for Mercury Records.

The song can be found on the album Swingin' Miss 'D' on Polygram Records. It can also be found on The Complete Dinah Washington (1956-1958) which is a box set on Polygram Records

About the Doubletree ad:


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike.
I ran across your blog when I Googled to find the
lyrics to "Relax Max" . Though no comparison to your
recovery, I had a week recovering from being dropped from a major t.v. pilot. It spiked my anxiety, put me in a constant fright/flight mode, raised my blood pressure. and twisted this affirmation junkie into knots. I heard "Relax Max" on T.V. and experienced the same epiphany. It made me smile again. Keep on beating on. On some level all life is matters of the heart

Michael Leonard Fisher said...


I'm finding it hard to respond to your comment, words escape me.

Probably yours is the best comment I've ever read on this blog.



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great story. I also found your blog after trying to find the name to the Double Tree commercial song. Wishing you a continued recovery and good health. JJ

Anonymous said...

Best to you! Count me as yet another one who found your blog looking for info on the song from the Doubletree ad. Thank you!

MercurialMike said...

I want to thank the last two commentors for their kind comments. said...

I was listening to the tv and the commerical for Double Tree came on and I just had to google to find out what and who wrote and sang the song. I came across your blog and I smiled all the way thru the reading. Thank you for a brigt spot in my day and for answering my question. Great story - great music.


MercurialMike said...

Hi SKM. You are so very welcome. Thanks for stopping by & reading my blog.

SSG Brad said...

Mike, I too was looking for the song and found this blog. Very cool indeed. I was severely injured in Iraq in '06 and was in Brooke Army Medical Center anticipating on of my 13 revisions (to surgery)in early '07. I heard the commercial's song and immediately looked forward to it again and again. Today, on my prosthesis and living well, I finally searched for the voice and found it.

MercurialMike said...

SSG Brad,

Bless you and sincerely, thank you for your service to your country. If you are experiencing any other residual psychological effects you might consider this free service.

Mike Fisher

ken said...

I was yet another "fool" who followed after the TV ad. Thanx for the info and wish the very best and happiness for all who feel downed

MercurialMike said...

Thanks, Ken. That Doubletree "twig" ad seems to be a perrenial favorite on cable TV. It's been two years since I was hospitalized, and thank God, I seem to be OK with a combination of alternative methods and good old "living better through chemistry" = drugs :-)

Keneisha Perry said...

Wow, inspiring story. I am a teen with depression and everytime I turn on the T.V. I can't wait until I hear that song. It really is something special.

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