Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Feature On WHV -Vegas Tourist Critter Of The Day

Leaving Las Vegas (Tortoise in desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada)

Just For Fun ...

I was thinking about the different types of Las Vegas tortoises tourists. I invite your participation in providing the "Vegas Tourist Critter Of The Day".

All you need is a bogus Latin desciption ( so called "Binomial Nomenclature" ), similar to the name of a species in biology (example: man is "Homo Sapiens" ), followed by a short description of the tourist type's behavior.

Some Examples (I'm sure you all can contribute something better :)

  • "Vegas Interruptus" - takes the bus from LA to Primm, Nevada and thinks they are "in Vegas", but never actually gets to see Vegas.

  • "Lowroller Nogasus" - drives from LA with minimum bankroll, blows it all in the first hour, asks the casino for gas money to return.

  • "Gamus Newbeeus" - plays all the "sucker" bets and wonders why the money went so fast - wonders why there is all this fascination with gambling?

Anyway, you get the idea. Hope you can think of some zingers! C'mon, have some fun!


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