Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mike Visits The Cardiologist

At the risk of losing all my regular readers (all three of them) who expect to read about Vegas Happenings, I will quickly relate the news of my current heart condition ( HIPPA be damned!)

The following is my best summary in layman's terms, as accurately as possible without medical jargon.

The doc said that I need to lose weight (already knew that) and adjusted my meds slightly to reduce my clotting factor a la VP Cheney recently. One of the risks of an irregular heart beat is developing clots, so blood thinners are administered first through injections and then orally. The doc said that I was lucky that my arteries are all clear as a result of an Angiogram he performed two weeks ago. He seems to be most interested in increasing my dosage of Coreg (to strengthen the heart muscle action ) over time to some high level gradually (bad side effect of Coreg can be dizziness). He was happy with how I was responding to the BP medications. Once a certain amount of time ( several months ) goes by, and I lose the weight, he said it might be possible to zap my heart with electricity (CLEAR!!!!) to restore my heart rhythms to normal.

I forgot to mention that I hugged the doc ( almost never do I express affection in this manner ) for saving my life!

That's all, folks!!


Anonymous said...

I like to read about Mike Happenings, too. Glad you're okay.

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

Thanks, Laura. Maybe I should start a new blog dedicated to my heart-break!

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