Monday, March 05, 2007

Las Vegas' Best Gambling Book Stores

Craps table pictued above is for sale at the Gamler's Genral Store, Las Vegas

In a previous post, I recalled 10 times in the past when I made purchases from a Las Vegas gift shop. Most of these events occurred during the period when I could still play the enviable role of "tourist". I wish I could be a tourist again, but alas, I've lived here too long. Everything I see is tainted by my previous experiences, good and bad. I envy the "fresh view" - I envy anybody who can call themselves "tourist" in the same way I envy the innocence of small children who have not yet experienced the cruely and complexity of life or their first major defeat or triumph - or those who "broke their maiden" and keep coming back for more!

Not that being a realist is so bad. How do I recapture that experience of looking at the world as something new and exciting? By sublimation and fantasy, of course - I leave the world of mundane sensuality and enter the world of ideas and imagination, I leave the gift shop and travel to my favorite gambling book store!

( Phew! Finally on topic ) - I used to study gaming like someone studies Advanced Physics, trying to understand the order of the universe. If one could only understand God's laws, then one might at least have a slighty better than even chance if God does decide (against Einstein's reasoning) to play dice ( or any of His favorite table games ) with the universe. I've collected many gaming books in my time, trying to beat the house at its own game. I have a closet full of them. I still buy them because they intrigue me in a theoretical way. After all, my academic background is heavy in mathematics, probability, and science. ( They had me at Beat The Dealer )

So where do I go today to purchase books on gambling? There are only two places in all of Las Vegas where I ever go, or ever have gone, and this has been true since 1983. There are no other places for me and these two friendly competitors are within a few miles of each other. If one doesn't have what you are looking for, they will gladly point you to the other. Looking for the perfect DVD that discusses a professional strategy for Texas Holdem? It's there. These two brick and mortar establishments in the Downtown area of Las Vegas are worth visiting even though both have a cyberspace presense (see web addresses below) - being there is a so much more enjoyable experience than web serfing! So, on your next visit to Las Vegas, pay them a visit!

  • Gambler's Book Shop

    630 South 11th Street

    Phone: 702-382-7555

    You can't beat them in their choice of gambling books and the sales people are always friendly and go out of their way to assist you personally.

    When I visited there today, I was told that it was OK to mention that the proprietor for over 40 years, Mr. Howard Schwartz, is looking for a buyer - the place is up for sale! I was a little short of the required funding, but anybody out there, here's your chance to participate in the future growth of this famous landmark establishment!

  • Gamblers General Store

    800 South Main Street

    Phone: 702-382-9903 or tollfree: 1-800-322-CHIP

    This place will blow you away when you walk through the door! They not only have tons of gaming books, but poker chips, slot machines, precision dice, and table layouts. Their free 88 page catalogue alone is worth the trip. I had my eyes on an IGT "Player's Edge" video poker machine for $1695. Maybe next Christmas. ( Owning a slot machine of a certain vintage for personal use only is perfectly legal in Nevada.)

I can't possibly be the only one left in the universe who admits to buying books about gambling. I invite you to add your favorite (Internet sites included) via comments below.


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