Friday, March 16, 2007

Las Vegas Weekly Chooses The Best Vegas MySpace Site

2007 Readers Choice Awards From Las Vegas Weekly

The site of the day is the alternative Vegas weekly magazine,the Las Vegas Weekly. From their site:

"Las Vegas Weekly is a high-quality, glossy-covered free weekly newspaper with an emphasis on arts, entertainment and popular culture. Each week, more than 70,000 copies are distributed, reaching more than 240,000 readers each month."

Here is a LVW article that lets you read the LVW reader's choice award results in PDF format ( Don't have an Adobe reader? Download the Adobe reader here . )

Interestingly, there was an entire award category for the best local MySpace site. I must admit that I was skeptical about MySpace for a long time because of all the negative publicity about sexcapades and sexual preditors, but I really believe that they have come a long way to clean up their act and take a preemtive role in banning known preditors and gross misuse of the sites.

I recently changed my mind about MySpace, due to its power and pervasiveness. Some bloggers on MySpace are getting ratings that us "mainstream" bloggers can only be envious of. I've gone so far as to create my own rudimentary MySpace site (MySpace searchkey "mercurialmike") and I also created a fan site for a local Las Vegas lounge musician, Jimmy Limo (MySpace searchkey: "jimmylimo").

Xtreme Disorder MySpace Page won the Best Local MySpace page in Las Vegas Weekly’s Reader’s Choice Awards. It is a MySpace fan site for a show called "Xtreme Disorder" on the local FM station 107.5 (Xtreme Rock Radio), heard weekdays, 3-7 PM. The "jocks" at Xtreme Disorder are sighing that they didn't get the award for "Best Radio Personalities"!

BTW, Las Vegas Weekly, not surprisingly, has their own site on MySpace.

From The Las Vegas Weekly Masthead:

As We See It

Essays, analysis and on-the-scene reports that present Vegas from all angles.


DVD reviews, coverage of local bands' CDs and a grab-bag of fun items, from Judging Books by Their Covers to the One-Minute Critic.

Beyond the Rope

Get up close and personal with the city's most fascinating hostesses, bar-backs, door men and more.


Comprehensive listings of the city's arts, entertainment and community events for the week ahead, opening with our Picks of the Week.


Buy it, sell it, advertise it.

DJ Trading Cards

Learn about your favorite local DJs the way God intended: in handy card form.

Line Pass

Hard news about Las Vegas' nightclub world, from projects on the drawing board to take-overs and renovations.


A weekly blast of commentary, quotes and humor about the club scene, and the featured cocktail of the week.

Nights On the Circuit

Xania Woodman, the princess of Vegas nightlife, covers the clubbing capitol of the world.


The best music coverage in the city -- from interviews with today's hottest groups and DJs to concert and CD reviews.

Pop Culture

Rants, raves and ruminations on everything from entertaining politics to political entertainment.


Reviews and essays on the latest movies, plus theater showtimes.

Sore Thumbs

Matthew Scott Hunter, Las Vegas' top video-game critic, gives you the low-down on the week's latest offerings.


Dining reviews by the city's top food writer, Max Jacobson, plus listings of the city's best restaurants and bars.


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