Thursday, March 15, 2007

Top Ten Magic Acts In Las Vegas - Repost

We are not talking about the kind of magic in Las Vegas that makes your money disappear here.

I was wondering how a ranking of magic acts would turn out, since I have not attended a magic show in Vegas for a long time. Since Siegfried and Roy closed down their show, I wonder who actually is number one now?

There is no doubt in my mind: the answer is Criss Angel.

To round out this list, I have included people who label themselves as mentalists and illusionists if they do anything that seems to defy the laws of physics or probability. Many magician acts effectively use the comedic element to their advantage, and some like "The Amazing Johnathan" can arguably be called comedians who effectively use magic. There may be some on this list who are no longer performing in Vegas, like the talented Melinda (pictured above).

Well, here goes my prejudicial list, always subject to change. Sorry if I missed your favorites.

1. Criss Angel

2. David Copperfield

3. Amazing Johnathan

4. Lance Burton

5. Penn & Teller

6. Rick Thomas

7. Dirk Arthur

8. Nathan Burton

9. Mac King

10. Legendary Melinda: First Lady of Magic

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