Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WHV? Blogger Almost Predicts His Own Demise

Frankly, I never really get too personal in this blog, revealing very little about my personal life. I have been known to be too frivolous and substituting humor ( or some would say, lack thereof ) for substance.

My last blog entry joked about Vegas' being chosen as the most unhealthy ( fattest ) city. It turns out the joke is on me. I spent the last week in a hospital ( a very good hospital in Henderson where every room is private and the food is actually good! ) being treated for an apparent heart failure. I am recovering well at home and now must ponder my mortality more than I ever wanted to. My prognosis is apparently good.

The only message I have for anybody who happens to read this is that when you have a symptom like shortness of breath for three weeks - don't self diagnose! Remember what happened to Jim Henson ( not that I can ever compare myself to him )when he refused to acknowledge his pneumonia and died of blood sepsis. See a doctor as soon as possible and get checked out! I came very close to departing this fair planet.

I will most definitely survive this "wake up call", and will continue to report on the best buffets, but will honestly not be visiting too many of them for a while.

Please don't let your weight go like I did. I am going to have to loose a lot of weight and exercise to return to normal, and I will keep my readers updated on my progress. Life is good in Vegas, but you need to maintain your health to enjoy it.

Thanks for every one's kind wishes for a speedy recovery. By the way, the hospital that saved my life is Saint Rose Sienna in Henderson, and they have a very excellent professional staff. So anybody visiting Vegas who is unfortunate enough to suffer a medical emergency - this is the number one hospital I would recommend to be taken to. (final preposition noted) More later, I have some meds to take. :)


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