Saturday, January 06, 2007

Vegas Snacks And Beverages

I'm sitting here supine on my sofa, remote in my hand, watching my old DVDs - mostly re-runs of VEGA$, my favorite TV show filmed in Las Vegas, only because I love the opening theme ( "Runaway" by Del Shannon ). I am munching on a bag of Vegas Chips, a year's supply of which I've flash frozen in my garage freezer. My drink of choice is, of course, Rock Star, the street legal energy drink of choice for all late night video poker addicts. And to top it off, I'm munching on those Ethel M chocolates with the tasty liquid centers that make me feel kinda funny in my head.

A more important question than Mayor Goodman's endless search for a Las Vegas based NFL team crosses my fuzzy mind. My question is this: at a perfect moment like this, I know exactly what is missing. Why doesn't Vegas have its own national beer brewery? Can't we sacrifice some golf courses and artificial lakes to conserve the water necessary to brew huge vats of Vegas beer? Anybody, please help me understand this. ( Yeah, I know all about the (failed) "Holy Cow" and the "Big Dog" micro brews, and all the local places, but somebody needs to do it right and large scale! I need to buy my Vegas beer at the 7-11!) You just know we are all going to suffer when the truckers go on strike and refuse to drive here from Cally (forget Utah!). We need to be prepared to be self-sufficient, folks!

Update: I asked for a Big Brewery, not a
Big Beer!!

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