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Top Superbowl Parties In Las Vegas

If you don't have tickets to the Superbowl, then coming to Vegas is the next best thing. About 65,000 people agree with you!

Will you be in Las Vegas for the big game?

Super Bowl XLI (41) is on the way and it's time to make your reservations and place your bets.

Super Bowl XLI is on Sunday, February 4 and unless you're in Florida, there is no better place than Las Vegas for all the action!

Where are all the parties?

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and you need a place to watch the game and drink some beers. You need a Super Bowl Party.

First, I should be the one to let you know that the major hotels no longer have any big parties due to a bunch of regulations the NFL has placed upon them. However, there are plenty of special event parties that are hosted around town where the game is going on and plenty of action is happening concurrently.

Do you need a place to stay for Super Bowl Sunday? Check Room Rates at all the Las Vegas Hotels here.

So where do you go? Obviously, you can still go to all the sport books. They can still show the game and as long as you place a bet you can probably grab a few drinks.
The problem resides in the fact that there is limited seating and the chances of getting a good seat are very slim. A very crowded Super Bowl party for sure.

The Hard Rock is having a special event for the big game, you can check that out.

Hard Rock Super Bowl Party event

The clubs and bars of Las Vegas are now getting into the act of Super Bowl parties. Find one that you think you might like and call them. Make sure to mention the specific date.

The Hofbrau House is having a huge super bowl party and they are taking reservations so this might be your best bet. They have good food and fantastic beer so I really can’t see why you would pass up this party.

The Monte Carlo Brewery might be a good choice but it is hard to find out if they are actually open to the public on Super Bowl Sunday. It seems as if they are but you might want to double check. The ESPN zone at NY/NY is also a place to check for a special event.

Also, you can always hit the strip clubs, because apparently they have large televisions that are often tuned to sporting events. They also have alcohol and girls in next to nothing to serve the alcohol as well.

Here are three that have a Super Bowl Party planned:


Olympic Gardens


It does become a problem when a girl does not get off your lap during a game but I’m sure you can find a way to manage.

Lastly, the Red Rooster is having a huge party but this is a little different. You probably should be okay with swinging to hit this party.

First of all, where else do you want to watch the Super Bowl? In your living room with kids running by and you forced to throw out the trash and pick up after your friends? Of course not.

The Super Bowl is a national holiday and it should be treated with respect. Get a group of people together and book a room in Las Vegas a do it right. Drink too much, eat too much and be your obnoxious, belligerent self while watching grown men in tight pants grope each other. YEAH!!!!!

Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, does it get any better?

The preceding article is from Zeke Quezada with permission of the author.

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Addendum: This from the latest The Vegas Eye about SCORES LAS VEGAS plans for the BIG Game Party:

"On Sunday, Feb. 4, the biggest football game of the year will take place, pitting the “Monsters of the Midway,” the Chicago Bears against Peyton Manning and the high-powered Indianapolis Colts. For those who won’t be making the trip to Miami, we can’t think of anywhere better to be than SCORES Las Vegas. That’s why the Vegas Eye and SCORES are joining forces to again host the Industry’s Big Game party, complete with a complimentary 25-foot tailgate buffet and 27 plasma screen televisions to catch all the action. The entire club will be playing the game with full sound and an impressive list of prizes that will be given away at half-time and throughout the game, including tickets for two to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii! All locals are free as long as they drive their own vehicles to the club, and the first 150 people through the door will also receive a special SCORES T-shirt. All groups of industry employees of eight or more will receive a complimentary VIP table and bottle of Ketel One vodka."


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