Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dr. Scott Lewis Comedy Hypnotist Las Vegas

I hope Dr. Scott Lewis remembered to take these hypnotized people out of the hypnotic state! Especially the man who is missing his backside!

Dr. Lewis has the longest running comedy hypnosis show in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a total fake. I went onstage to get "hypnotized" and ended up one of his two picks by faking it. I played along the whole show, as he was practically begging me to with his eyes.

The other girl he chose was also faking it. If anyone in the audience thought otherwise, I don't know how.

It was a total rip-off. I feel like I should have been the one getting paid for trying to save his show.

I sincerely doubt that he actually hypnotizes anyone. He didn't even try.

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