Friday, December 22, 2006

Site of The Day - Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon Blog

In my previous blog entry Top 10 Las Vegas Day Trips I failed to mention going to the Grand Canyon. This is because I don't have any recent experiences visiting the Grand Canyon, although I had traveled to the Grand Canyon and North Rim a long time ago, before I moved to Las Vegas. As far as day trips from Las Vegas, I recall that the two possibilities are driving to the Western rim ( is that Skywalk completed yet? - not until next year, but definiely worth the wait!) and helicopter tours, but that is where my knowlege ends.

I will have to defer to a real expert in the Grand Canyon. I found a great blog that deals exclusively with the Grand Canyon written by a travel expert and professional. Please visit this Grand Canyon News Blog, and especially note the "Las Vegas" categories. ( Tell Alley that Mike sent you! )

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