Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 10 Las Vegas Day Trips

Had your fill of the Strip? Looking for a way to clear your head before the tables clear your wallet? The area around Vegas has more to offer than just the green felt jungle - actually it is more like a desert. (By the way, "The Green Felt Jungle" is also the title of a great classic book by Ed Reid.)

The following is a list of places within driving distance of the Strip and downtown that are interesting to visit and will present another view of the Las Vegas area. They are all close enough to have you back in your hotel room the same day, with the possible exception of Laughlin - you may want to plan on booking a room on the Colorado River there. To visit these places, I would get an early start -- first check out the links below and do some more web surfing to get the details before you embark on your great adventure!

1. Hoover (Boulder) Dam

2. Red Rock Canyon

3. Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

4. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

5. Mount Charleston

6. Valley Of Fire State Park

7. Hot Springs Close To Las Vegas

8. Laughlin, Nevada

9. Extraterrestial Highway - OK, maybe I'm just joking by including this, it's not really a trip as much as a state of mind!! Please don't travel all the way to Rachel, Nevada and get mad at me!!

10. Ghost Towns Near Las Vegas

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Dave Lifton said...

We've been to Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam and loved all three trips. I got some great pictures out there. We want to get to Valley Of Fire, but we want to go when the weather is the best there. Too often we've gone in the winter or the summer, neither of which are good for VOF.

Mercurial Mike said...

Gotta catch that one week of spring and fall in the dessert!! It's either too hot or too cold here most of the year.

I still love to go back to all those places you mentioned, Dave. I was going to add Death Valley to the list (which, as you know, is actually in California) as a possible not too unreasonable day trip, but I didn't have any great experiences traveling there - I did drive to the Furnace Creek Resort a long time ago, a very unremarkable trip from Pahrump, Nevada in the "Shadow Of The Valley Of Death" as Art Bell used to call it.

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