Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Eve In Las Vegas - Site Of The New Year Day

What better place to welcome in the New Year! It's never too late to book, although you are really stretching it if you wait to the last minute.

This is by far the best site dedicated to celebrating New Year's Eve in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide - New Year's Eve Las Vegas

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Dustin said...

I did New Year's in Vegas a few years ago. I have to admit, though, for as much fun as I've always had in Vegas the rest of the year, I wasn't at all impressed with New Year's. Other than an overcrowded New Year's fireworks show on the strip, there wasn't much to talk about going on, and everything was just more expensive than the rest of the year.

Mercurial Mike said...

Thanks for your great comment, Justin. To be honest, I have yet to watch the New Year's fireworks except from a hill in Henderson about 15 miles away. The buzz is that Freemont Steet is getting better every year, but this remains to be seen.

Mercurial Mike said...

Sorry, I mistyped your name, Dustin!!

Dustin said...

Hey Mike. No worries with the name. Actually, I did have fun, it was just expensive, and difficult to get around. Thankfully we found some hot girls to buy us drinks while the bartenders were ignoring us and saved the evening. ;-)

Mercurial Mike said...

Dustin, (see, I got it right this time!)

Good New Year's Afternoon! Hope you has a great New Year's Eve celebration. Wow! I should be so lucky that some young things buy me a drink.

At the risk of losing my last two readers ( hi Mom! )and to give you an idea of how mundane my life has been lately...

Wife & I went out for an early comped dinner and decided to spend New Year's eve @ home, completely avoiding "amateur's night" - that is, all the crazy, drunk drivers out there. We toasted to the New Year together and spent a quiet evening in Henderson. I don't think I've gone out to welcome in the New Year's @ midnight for several years now, might be a sign of getting old! Last year, I even went to bed early!

I peeked out my back window here in Henderson at 11:55 PM and easily witnessed a great fireworks show in the direction of Black Mountain (Henderson); also, the show at Lake Las Vegas; and even could see ( and hear ) the 1/2 million dollars worth of fireworks celebration eminating from the seven hotel roofs on the strip! (Over 15 miles away!)

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