Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Las Vegas Invaded By Aliens?

If you ever see a UFO over Las Vegas you have to ask yourself:

1. Have I been partying just a little too much?

2. Did somebody just throw a Frisbee over my head?

3. Is it one of ours (best bet) or reverse engineered at Area 51 (good bet) or is this a terrifying real-life remake of the Independence Day movie (a really bad bet - better seek cover!)

4. If you are still not sure, hop in your car and head back on I-15 and hope that whatever happens here stays only in Vegas (baby)!

5. Did it look like this? :

Flash animation from Vegas Pop Blog

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This blog entry is dedicated to the "crew" at Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog.


SQT said...

Well, any remake of "Independance Day" would probably be terrifying.

But that's another story.

Hmmm, if roulette wheels are extra-terrestrial, is that why I never win??

Crunchy Carpets said...

I kid you not.
Dh and I saw a UFO back in the summer.

We were unloading the car late one night and this light trundling across the sky at an odd angle caught our eye.

I said satelite...until it split into three bits and took off up and away!

Very Close Encounters

Mercurial Mike said...

I think that I believe people see Unidentified Flying Objects all the time and some of them may even be extra terrestial! Most people don't look up; if we looked up more we would see more of them (assuming you live in a relatively smog free area like BC!)

Dave Lifton said...

Thanks for the link!

SQT said...

I think there could definitely be alien intelligence out there. Wouldn't it be a tad arrogant to assume we're the only life in the universe?

Mercurial Mike said...

What sqt said made me remember: One current estimate for the number of stars in our galaxy that have intelligent life is roughly 1000. This is from Carl Sagan's famous Drake equation. Considering the size of our galaxy, the chance that any of these potential civilizations would ever meet each other is still extremely small. Makes one wonder!

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