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Old-School Vegas Meets New School Vibe: Frankie Moreno

Frankie Moreno and Julie

by Julie Kasperson

Frankie Moreno has been a fixture on and off The Strip for about 10 years now. I saw him several years ago at one of the bars at the Stratosphere. He also played at Golden Nugget and at other venues.

Starting at the age of two, Santa Cruz-born Moreno had his first encounter with music, watching his father and uncle rehearse for a popular band they were in. These rehearsals at home sparked an interest in the young Frankie to learn and imitate what he saw. He could play anything he heard by memory, and by the time he was seven he was playing professionally. At age 11 he was on featured on “Star Search” and was exposed to a national audience.

With his two younger brothers, Tony and Ricky, he traveled the world and wrote music. He collaborated with world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell on an album that went to #1 in two categories on the Billboard charts.

Moreno and his 10-piece band, which features brother Tony on bass, recently began a 2-year run at the Stratosphere Theater at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. The show is as unique as he is. Which means you can hear him play the classic Beatles tune “Eleanor Rigby” one moment, standards like “Night and Day” and “Mack the Knife,” then launch right into one of his original tunes like “Black Mascara.”

He can be self-deprecating, silly, and fun. All the band members, including a horn and string section, are right on the mark. He can croon an original tune like “I’m Sorry” in a completely heartfelt manner, then shake his hips and bang the piano to another tune a few minutes later. His show is one of the reasons I love living in Las Vegas. It’s laid-back, funny, old-school, but rocks out as well. The musicianship is excellent.

At one point during the show, Frankie took a bottle of Crown Royal, with brother Tony joining him with a stack of huge shot glasses, and proceeded to roam the showroom with his mic, asking patrons if they would like to have a double-shot. I of course agreed to participate with a hearty “yes”! Where else but in Vegas can you drink shots with the talented, handsome singer of a razor-sharp band, while they are performing amazing material? Showmanship is alive and well at the Stratosphere.

Moreno and his band perform Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Ticket prices are $29.99, or $19.99 for locals.

Frankie Moreno Band

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ines hellendall said...

I love the article, so wonderful and very accurate. I have seen 2000 shows in 8 1/2 years. I have seen him grow and are so happy for him. Very talented and so nice to his fans. Thank you, Ines Hellendall

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