Friday, June 17, 2011

The Rebirth of Downtown Las Vegas

My personal opinion about downtown Las Vegas is that there are not enough attractions to make me want to travel there, parking is always a problem, and walking down the wrong street at night can still be potentially deadly. I may be wrong, but like I said I don't go there often enough. Even when I occasionally go to the Regional Justice Center ( don't let your imagination carry you away, purely for private legal matters ! :) I usually park at an unnamed casino ( for free ) within walking distance...

I am more of a suburbanite type person because of habit, age, and income. The redevelopment and "gentrification" of Vegas' downtown area may eventually lead to a real "community feeling" down there. A nice infusion of people with money to spend, starting with the Zappos move, may also attract more tourism --- but somewhat to the detriment of those already living on the margins there. What best improves and revitalizes a community is not good vibes or good intentions, but people with jobs and money to spend. That's why small business people build shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs ( oh, and also, museums, theaters, art galleries, and music halls :) No different than any other major urban setting. The problems associated with an urban setting ( crime, poverty, etc. ) will still remain, and possibly be made worse by cutbacks in the police budget, like what is currently happening in North Las Vegas.

But for now, I celebrate this great move forward...

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The Rebirth of Downtown Las Vegas

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