Friday, March 26, 2010

Art Bell Raises Conciousness
And Returns To Coast To Coast Tonight

Art Bell At His Pahrump Nevada Home Late 2006

I always look forward to listening to Art Bell when he returns to the Coast To Coast AM radio program. I have been listening to Art since the late eighties when he started broadcasting from KDWN AM 720 in Las Vegas. Tonight's show has an intriguing subject:

Consciousness & the Universe

"Filling in for George, Art Bell welcomes renegade thinker & scientist, Robert Lanza, who'll discuss the true nature of the Universe and explain how consciousness is the key to all of creation."

Tune in at 10PM Pacific Time tonight. KOGO has a live feed available by clicking the KOGO logo in my sidebar ( have to scroll down ) or click here.

I Secretly Wish Art Would Return TO C2C Full Time !

I had listened to Art so long that he feels like family to me.

During the last few minutes of his program Art had a long-time regular caller ( who also said that Art feels like a family member )ask him if he ( Art ) was happy, and what his greatest challenges are. Art admitted that he is very happy with his life ( and especially now that he finally completed his roof amateur radio antenna that he connects to from the 19th floor of his high rise condo ). Art, usually understandably protective of his privacy, admitted that his greatest challenge was keeping up with his younger wife and child ( see webcam below); and also challenging was living in the Far East --- a topic he said he would need much more time to expand upon and explore. Art did sound a little tired and not as "sharp" as he was in his younger days ( I can relate ! ), but I still wish he would return to the air more often. I believe he is scheduled to sit in for George again next Friday.

If Art posts any more webcam pics of his family from the Philippines I will post them here:

Newest Book By Robert Lanza


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