Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fetish And Fantasy Halloween Ball Struts Into The Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel

The following post was contributed by WHV contributor Julie Kasperson. She can be contacted through her Facebook Site.

As I perused the huge line snaking through the Hard Rock Hotel, I wondered if my companion and I would make it into the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball. Security was everywhere, directing party goers to move here and there, not to block doorways, yelling instructions at everyone. Everyone seemed to be in a festive, happy mood. It’s the first Halloween party I’ve attended in a long while where everyone was in costume. It’s a requirement of the Ball—you must attend in costume or be turned away. This event was sold out and judging by the thousands in attendance, this was one of THE parties to be at for Halloween.

The action took place in two rooms: one big ballroom where there was a dance floor, tables, vendors selling jewelry, lingerie, artwork, and other sexy items, and a stage where various acts of B&D (bondage & dominance) and S&M (sadism/masochism) were taking place, in full view of the public. The newly remodeled Joint was also open for partiers. A lot of the performances of the night took place here, such as Men of Playgirl (exotic male dance troupe); Laseronics (laser light show), and Perish (a group of performers utilizing fire and power tools—it’s a little difficult to explain unless you’ve seen it!) Well-known DJ’s also took over the stage at the Joint such as Donald Glaude and Scooter & LaVelle, getting the crowd moving.

All kinds of costumes were worn by the crowd: everything from the most kinky and flesh-baring to cute and sexy, funny, and even group efforts such as Wrestlemania (Hulk Hogan look-alike) and Star Wars. Many of the costumed attendees paraded down the hallways between the two party rooms, preening and posing for photos.

Maybe because I’ve lived in L.A. most of my life and have seen a lot of strange things I didn’t find this party to be as “wildly exotic” as the ads have touted it to be. Also, since the Gaming Control Board has been monitoring behavior at clubs recently, and even shutting down PrivĂ© Nightclub at Planet Hollywood, naughtiness and outrageous behavior was kept on a short leash, as it were. It was very enjoyable and a great night for people-watching. One of the best parties in town for Halloween, I do believe. Lewd and lascivious? Nah. Well, maybe just a teeny bit…

Some photos by Julie Kasperson from the
Fetish and Fantasy Ball

Cupid Girl

Acrobats Perform

Perish Performs


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