Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Some Thoughts About Possible Future Posts On WHV

Just a short springy slinky note ( more like rambling thought ... ) about ideas for future postings, here -- not as serious as international terrorism, but maybe we all need a diversion from all the bad news of the world, to release the tension and help us all unwind:

  • A possible contributed or re-posted blog about Vegas weddings is in the works

  • Since they just re-opened the ski and snowboarding area on Mount Charleston, an update might be appropriate now

  • I will be going to tonight's Kingston Trio concert at the South Point Casino. I'm debating on whether to write about it. It kind of bothers me that 2/3 of the Kingston Trio are not the ones I remember from their early hits, but I am sure we will enjoy the concert anyway

  • We had the best Thanksgiving Dinner at Tenuta Restaurant at Casino Monte Lago, might want to post another blog entry about the Casino and Lake Las Vegas in general

  • I've never done a movie review, but I just saw the movie "Australia" and I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen, seriously, go see it. I wish Hollywood would make movies like this one.

  • Art Bell returns live on Sunday night on Coast To Coast AM and you just know that I will post something about that!

  • I'm starting work on setting up for blogging about other than Las Vegas topics. Still waiting for some more inspiration!

  • Betty James is dead at the age of ninety. She co-founded the company that made the "slinky" toy. Just thought I'd mention that. No particular reason :-)


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