Sunday, November 16, 2008

George Knapp Hosts Coast To Coast AM Tonight

Tonight (NOW! ): George Knapp welcomes author and researcher Richard Dolan, who'll discuss UFO Disclosure and the Obama adminis., as well as other UFO related current events.

First Hour: Frank Costigan and 'Houseboat Bob' talk about the Needles UFO case.

If I can stay awake, I will try to live blog this can't miss show!

Otherwise, just enjoy the neat picture above ...

Unexplained With George Noory - On SciFi Channel

On Sun. Nov. 16th through Thurs. Nov. 20th, don't miss the pilot episodes of Unexplained with George Noory, airing on the Sci Fi Channel at 11p (ET/PT). Topics include reincarnation, witchcraft, cryptozoology, UFOs, and strange tales.


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