Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coast To Coast AM Goes Full Circle LIke A Flying Saucer Back To Vegas Two Decades Later

UFO Crash Retreival Conference PRomo - Las Vegas, November 7-9

Stay Tuned - Different Time, Different Channel !

Approximately twenty years ago I began to listen to Art Bell's radio program broadcast from KDWN AM radio Las Vegas, including the original Dreamland Show on weekends. I have been a loyal fan of Art Bell from day one. I will never discount the possibility that Art returns from retirement, but the probability is diminishing rapidly. Art has just won a well deserved Radio Hall of Fame Award!

Tonight I casually tuned in to KXNT AM radio Las Vegas, and there is a live broadcast of ( for all practical purposes ) the same show originating from their Vegas studios:

UFO Conference Special

Live from radio station KXNT in Las Vegas, George Noory and co-host Linda Moulton Howe welcome guest speakers from the 2008 UFO Conference including Ryan Wood, Dr. John Alexander, Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett and Richard Dolan.

I should have caught the show at 10 PM ( an hour and a half ago ) and done some live blogging. But, alas, this old man was "abducted" by a late afternoon nap ( no, I said "nap" not George Knapp !!).

But my inclination as I am listening to this historic broadcast is to join Coast To Coast AM Streamlink so I can download tonight's episode later.

I can't help but wonder that when President Elect Obama gets his Intelligence briefings at the White House that one of the above top secret briefings just might be titled "USA And World Interaction With Alien ( ET )Intelligences". Gee, Obama already mentioned talking to dead presidents :-) ... But with all the problems the new President must confront ( like the war and the economy ), disclosure of ET presence will be on the back burner for a long time, according to the Coast To Coast panel discussion. Unless saucers land on the White House lawn ( à la the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" ) or some other non-controvertible physical evidence is revealed, there will probably not be much truth forthcoming from the government for a long while. They simply have no motivation to reveal what they know, and what they know remains classified.

Plausible deniability? More like government non - disclosure is a form of "deniable plausibility" ! (Thanx to Jimmy Limo for coining this phrase. )

Recap Of 2008 UFO Conference Special From The Coast TO Coast AM Site

  • Broadcasting from radio station KXNT in Las Vegas, George Noory and co-host Linda Moulton Howe welcomed guest speakers from the 2008 UFO Conference.

  • During the first hour, researcher Ryan Wood talked about an MJ-12 document known as the "Burn Memo" (view at Earthfiles.com), as well as the U.S. Government's policy of denial regarding UFOs and how they may be exploiting recovered alien technology.

  • Expert in non-lethal weaponry, Dr. John Alexander appeared during the second hour. Alexander admitted that we've had "a series of interactions that have impacted the potential for air safety" but expressed doubt about the evidence for crashed alien craft. Alexander said if a corporation or secret government agency had access to recovered alien technology, they would have used it to manipulate the presidential election. Next, Nick Pope, former leader of the UK's UFO Project, shared details from a case about a pilot who was ordered to shoot down a UFO in 1957 (more at Times Online).

  • In the third hour, political activist Stephen Bassett discussed the need for UFO/ET disclosure and the Sci Fi Channel's Coalition for Freedom of Information. He said the choice of John Podesta as co-chairman of President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is not an accident, and believes the "Democrats have been planning to do disclosure under a Democratic Administration." Author Richard Dolan discussed some of the best evidence for UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial biological entities.

Just For Fun: "Hey Mr. Spaceman" by The Byrds


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