Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour Home Movie

This is kind of the way I feel about chocolate. One of the top 10 free things to do in Vegas is to visit the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Remember the old saying about "Candy is dandy but liquor Is quicker"? At Ethel M's you can get both in one bite.


cartman08 said...

actually this is a VERY lame 'tour' and just an excuse for them to try and sell you some of their overpriced chocolate..but then this place IS owned by Mars, so you just know it's real 'quality' huh?
Way more interesting things to do in Vegas than this.

MercurialMike said...

OK. Eat your Godiva and look down on us mere mortals. ( So, the cactus garden wasn't good enough? ) I can't imagine many more interesting things to do in Vegas that involves your mouth, tongue, and brain chemistry :-) ( Sorry you did not like the tour. )

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