Saturday, October 20, 2007

Haunted Las Vegas - A Halloween Potpourri

Las Vegas is really haunted, especially this time of year! Try the Haunted Vegas Tour for a guided tour of Las Vegas' famous ghostly abodes. And don't forget the Fright Dome in the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus!

And don't miss Art Bell's return to his "Ghost To Ghost" live radio show on Halloween night October 31st, as he guest hosts for George Noorey. Listeners call in to relate their personal experiences with ghostly encounters. Turn off the lights and listen to Art as he skillfully scares you half to death with his traditional annual Halloween show!

Also, this Friday October 26, Art Bell is joined by Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath from the Ghost Investigators Society for a new selection of actual recorded voices of ghosts, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Litening to "UFO PHIL":
"UFO Phil" Performs "Listening To Coast TO Coast" ... and of course, it rhymes with "Ghost"!!

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With so many celebs like (possibly) David Copperfield and O J Simpson and Briney and others drawn like moths to the lights of Vegas and self-destructively crashing & burning in flames ( how we love to see the once mighty fall!) , I found a new theme song for Vegas from the old Michael Jackson's ( another moth! )"Thriller" era : Ghost Of A Chance.


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