Monday, October 01, 2007

Criss Angel Mindfreak This Week: Raging Bull


Tuesday, October 2 10:00pm ET
Wednesday, October 3 2:00am ET

This episode revolves around an alter ego of Criss Angel, the Traveling Salesman. In this disguise, Criss goes from door-to-door and town-to-town amazing people with his bottomless suitcase, in which he keeps unlikely items such as a ladder, a bowling ball and a hat rack. Last year, in downtown Las Vegas, in front of hundreds of onlookers, Criss surrounded a girl with temporary walls; when the walls came down, she was gone. This year, Criss will attempt the same unbelievable vanish, but this time without walls or barriers of any kind. Then Criss reveals to his mother that he's going to attempt to vanish before a raging Mexican bull charges him.

A&E Tue, Oct 2 10:30 PM Naked Jail Escape
A&E Tue, Oct 2 11:00 PM TBA
A&E Tue, Oct 2 11:30 PM Vanish
A&E Wed, Oct 3 2:00 AM Raging Bull
A&E Wed, Oct 3 2:30 AM Naked Jail Escape
A&E Wed, Oct 3 3:00 AM TBA
A&E Wed, Oct 3 3:30 AM Vanish

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