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Xtine Report - To Party In VEGA$ - You Need LOT$ OF CA$H?

The general rule of thumb for anyone who wants to catch a music act and DJ act in Las Vegas for the holidays is : MONEY!

Expect to pay $100 or more for ANY show here during the holiday.

Expect to pay $100 or more for ANY dj who is "on tour" and spinning here during the holiday.

If you're a local lady, expect to pay $50. Yes, even the "gold" of the nightclub scene must pay.

Even Jessica Alba, one of the hottest stars today.

Our night was started out at The Stratosphere to catch American Superstars.

One of the longest running shows in Las Vegas, American Superstars features a live band, impersonators and showgirls. The show starts @ 7 PM.

A world Elvis award winning Elvis impersonator, a fabulous Britney Spears impersonator, Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson all treat the crowd to songs from the stars of today in an old fashioned Las Vegas style of entertaining; Impersonation. Yes, impersonation LIVE. The theater was packed full of smiling faces.

While catching up with my girlfriends, one of whom saw Justin Timberlake at Mandalay Bay events center Saturday night, I learned that she was able to snag a much coveted ticket to see JT for about $100, close to the face value of the ticket. When another friend and I saw JT in January @ MGM Grand the tickets were purchased months prior, light years in "Vegas time."

After the concert my friend mentioned she went over to TRYST in The Wynn.

She said that Pamela Anderson of the Hans Klaus magic show at Planet Hollywood was there at Tryst. She also spotted Jessica Alba.

Victor Drai, the film producer (Weekend @ Bernie's) owns both Tryst and Drais.

In the era of superstars getting paid $100,000 or more to make appearances at clubs (like Pure and possibly Tao),- some of whom are minor owners of clubs (the Pure group) both of Victor Drai's clubs remain strict in their "Everybody Pays" policy.

An unnamed spokesperson for Drai's mentioned that "We even made Jessica Alba pay" while we were discussing the cover charge for Drai's for superstar DJ's, Label owners, and Music Producers DEEP DISH.

Btw, when it's not a major holiday, local ladies can get "locals" passes.

Trying to get tickets last minute for TIESTO is a definite No NO.

Just a few weeks ago Tiesto was at Rehab in The Hard Rock Hotel.

A few months back when Tiesto was spinning people could manage to get a ticket. Last night @ Jet in the Mirage, the lines were wrapped around the hotel lobby three times or more and they were FULL of ticket holders only.

Yes, all sold out and the parking garages were full. The valet was struggling with an overload of cars that was 45 minutes or longer to get your car!

NOBODY was willing to sell their tickets.

My feelings are this: people pay to drive or fly to Las Vegas for a major holiday weekend. They pay $60 to $500 for their hotel rooms. They're paying $30 for a decent buffet in this town these days. They're prepaying $50 to $100 per person for a ticket into a nightclub. Yes a nightclub. Then the tables sell out at at least $400 without a limit for the reserved stash of particular alcohol.

They're not going to sell their tickets.

Just another FYI I've managed to gather while out this weekend:

When people receive a "Blast" (email with the flyer for an event at a club) in MySpace or in direct emails (your private email that you give to a promoter) or "Invitation" to a party in Las Vegas during any holiday weekend at a nightclub, the RSVP is for BOTTLE SERVICE. It's not a "Guest List" unless EXPLICITLY implied.

It comes highly recommend that interested parties actually speak with someone on the phone and not just RSVP or text.

The demand is highest on the holidays and with good reasons. But if you find yourself here at other times, give the clubs a chance. There are at least 30 great clubs with local dj's with recording contracts and a lot of fabulous music to pay for the crowds. The international dj's do come through about one or two per night on non-holiday weekends. On the holidays, about half of the clubs are featuring dj's who are "on-tour."

So check with the online versions of the two free weeklys (City Life and The Las Vegas Weekly) to get an idea of who's spinning and who is performing.

See you in line, at the valet, or dancing on the floor!

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