Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun Facts And True Lies On East Fremont Street Las Vegas

A FACT: The fact that the opening of the Fremont East District last Friday night escaped my attention, as do many things these hot August days. This is a renovation and renewal project area adjacent to East Fremont Street from Las Vegas Boulevard to 7th Street.

Apparently some historical markers, eighteen in all, with facts about Las Vegas were implanted along the improved streets, and at least three of these markers so far have been proven to be blatantly untrue, and some others can not be proved. So much for projecting the idea that Vegas is a fair, honest, and truthful place! You would think that with all the money expended, 5.5 million in all, somebody would have checked the facts with the local Historical Society or Academia experts, rather than one Google search. Apparently some "fact" about Bugsy Siegal buying the El Cortez was based upon the movie version "Bugsy", not the real deal.

So I took that trip down Boulder strip from Henderson, passed the magic point where Boulder Highway becomes Fremont Street, and waved at the hookers and drug dealers until I got to the halfway point of Fremont and 15th Street (ground zero) and there were no hookers or drug dealers visible, but a big camera in the sky on a 50 foot pole owned and operated by Metro police. Way to go guys, attack the problem from both ends! Let's clean up Fremont Street, I'm all for it!

Then came the anti-climatic actual drive on Fremont Street under the arch at 7th and Fremont to a similar arch at Las Vegas Boulevard. Saw the neon signs, saw some widening of the sidewalks, but had no desire to actually leave my car and walk around. Saw a photographer eagerly taking pictures of the neon signs. Did not stay long enough to read a possibly misinforming marker.

I actually do see the potential of having an area downtown that has funky nightclubs, bars and restaurants, but potential and actualization are two different things. Maybe it will catch on, but I will not hold my breathe. I think of the Neonopolis fiasco and am quickly brought back to my senses.

Why Wrong History is Bad History - excellent article from the Classic Las Vegas Blog.

Jane Ann Morrison's article in the Las Vegas Review Journal - "City officials' view of historical 'facts' needs fix, as do downtown plaques"

YouTube Video: "The newest addition to Downtown Las Vegas"


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