Saturday, June 02, 2007

Robin Leach introduced Suzanne Somers in Las Vegas

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Suzanne Somers Speaks About Menopause

"Today thousands of women and a few brave men attended a conference with Suzanne Somers as guest speaker in Suncoast Hotel and Casino in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Due to a media blitz there were more attendees than expected to hear Ms. Somers speak about Menopause.

Robin Leach introduced Suzanne with the story of how he met Suzanne for the first time. Robin Leach was starting a new show called "Entertainment Tonight" in Las Vegas.

He was at Caesar's Palace. Suzanne Somers was also staying at Caesar's Palace. The first news story that E.T. ran with was Suzanne's decision to leave the TV show 'Three's Company.' Robin Leach went on to introduce Suzanne Somers as an accomplished lady:

  1. Everything Suzanne writes in her books comes from her own experiences.

  2. Suzanne is a survivor of an alcoholic father and of breast cancer. Suzanne has been able to always stand up to her critics. She's an entertainer. She has started her own clothing, food, and fitness lines. The 'Thigh Master' is still on sale in 120 countries twenty years after it was first made for sale..."

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