Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Club Scene In Las Vegas

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  • Club Rubber will have their annual Summer of Love party @ The Palms.

    Three day's of dancing, dj's, fashion and costumes, all in the "Spirit of the Summer of Love".

    For people who have never been to a Club Rubber party let me assure you it has thousands of devoted attendees who are spirited and motivated to participate in the culture by making grand costume gestures while dancing the days and nights away.

  • Moon and The Playboy club kick off the party on Friday May 25th with: The Funkler, Beej, 4 Reel, Danny Love, Donald Glaude, and Felix da Housecat.

  • Sat. May 26 Poolside and inside of RAIN:

    DJ P, Adam Rush, 4 Reel, Danny Love, CB Shaw, Charles Feelgood, Eddie Halliwell.

    Sunday, May 27th CB Shaw, Yvonne Black, Boris M.D., Portia Surreal, Darling Nikki, Baby Anne, Starkillers, Dave Aude, Cedric Gervais.

  • Erick Morillo will perform at TAO Sunday May 27th.

  • Sharam of Deep Dish will perform for Jet's 2nd annual MAIN ROOM EVENT Sunday May 27th.

Oh, I went to the opening of Sunset Beach, the after-party for Tao Beach, which is on Sunday. The Beach at Tao is open daily, but there is an extra amount of time to party on Sunday evening.

It was fabulous: great food, drinks, view, the pools are lovely, the servers are dressed in cute bikinis with little red sarongs, the place is decorated with Tao's signature accents, the sound system is fabulous, there is a gentle breeze up on the roof of The Venetian.

I was there with some friends who I have been eager to introduce to one another and an old friend stopped by to surprise me.

I give Tao Beach the must attend/ see.

(way to go Chad Saunders!)

For other info. about clubbing in Las Vegas visit the free local weekly newspapers web sites: Las Vegas City Life & Las Vegas Weekly, or you can pick up a hard copy of them once you arrive.

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