Sunday, May 20, 2007

Advertising Support For WHV

I usually try to keep such issues off the blog entries. Nobody really cares about this stuff.

But, I just had to ask if anybody knows why yesterday all my Google AdSense ads went from contextual to Public Service Announcement (PSA) non-paid ads? And, at the same time all my Auction Ads are no longer contextual. They are supposed to be "Vegas" items only.

I always wonder if Google will find some reason to drop me and not notify me like so many other sites report.

I will give Auction Ads a week to come back to selling "Vegas" related items before I remove their ads completely.

I don't make much on the ads, just enough to pay for my monthly cable modem charges, which keeps my blogging "free" ( plus a small profit ). I don't consider WHV to be a "commercial" site, and would not hesitate to ditch the ads if they were no longer relevant.

If any of you computer blogging experts out there have some advice on so called "site monitization" please feel free to comment!


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