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The Xtine Report - April & early May clubbing Las Vegas - repost

What's Happening Now!
The very latest post from the talented local personality Xtine from Global Peace GrooVes Christine - she is a very knowledgeable insider on the local Vegas club scene, and nightlife.





The Inside Scoop

Is Las Vegas a true 24-7 town?


Is the clubbing scene 7 nights per week?

You bet!

Just do your homework, plan ahead, make connections, and have a back-up contingency plan.

There are many local venues which support 'Electronic/ House/ Techno/ live dj'ing.But to be 100% honest, it's the venues which play a variety of music, including top forty, hip hop, mash-ups, and a moderate amount of house that receive most of the attention in the media and garner most of the tourist traffic.

Web sites such as and can help give info. for guest list privileges and or coupons to get free entry into clubs.

If you find there is a particular club you are itchin' to get inside of, you can hang around the gaming tables, hotel lobby, or the entrance of the club itself during dinner / cocktail hour to see if perhaps a VIP Host is around giving out info./guest passes to the club that night.

You might want to network with the VIP hosts before your trip, via email,or texts to arrange to buy bottle service for you and your party to ensure entrance to the club you desire.

Las Vegas has grown from one after- hours club and three nightclubs to at least 30 clubs and three solid after-hours clubs.

International dj's - party through the week!

International dj's with recording contracts come through Las Vegas in a controlled manner:

  • Sundays they can be heard at Revolution , The Beatles Lounge in the Mirage.

  • Monday evenings they spin at Godspeed, the party at The Foundation Room in Mandalay Bay.

  • Tuesday evenings they perform at Studio 54.

  • Wednesday evenings MINISTRY OF SOUND presents international dj's at BODY ENGLISH

  • Thursday nights international talent gets to take over the main room of JET in the Mirage.

  • Friday evenings Reson8 party at the ICEHOUSE lounge in the downtown arts district of Las Vegas brings 4 to 10 dj's who are: local, regional, national, and/or sometimes international.

  • Saturday for Late Night Empire, International talent takes the main room while local dj's and many times another up-and-coming touring dj accompanies the headliner either in the lounge room, the patio, or simply 'opens' for the headlining dj'.

Mingling With The Crowd

Nightclubs often will have celebrities celebrating their birthday at a club. People seem to enjoy attending a party knowing they're in the midst of a celeb.'tyin' one on' so to speak.

There are still some great 'entry-level' no-cover events with dj's getting down and dirty with the possibility of dj's who are visiting sin city in hopes of gigging here can hit the 'open decks'.

Put simply, the club scene in Las Vegas has grown so large that often the lounge bars in the main hallway adjacent to the gaming tables of many hotels has a dj in ADDITION to the mega-club to accommodate the patrons who are unable to gain entry to the main club of choice.

What's Happening Clubwise

Upcoming performers in Las Vegas:

  • Junkie XL returns to Las Vegas Sat. April 14th. Las Vegas resident DJ Joey Mazzola will open as hosting dj.

  • April 21st #5 DJ MAGAZINE DJ DAN performs at LATE NIGHT EMPIRE
    Check out LATE NIGHT EMIRE's MySpace page.

  • Louie Vega performs at Revolution April 15th, DUBFIRE, of Deep Dish performs Sunday, April 22nd in support of his latest Global Underground CD "Taipei GU 31". See Resident dj Luca aka Digital Boy's myspace page for more info.

  • Neil Aline performs at Gospeed April 16. Godspeed's Resident DJ Keith Evan hosts.

  • Upcoming performers for Thursday nights at Jet are:

    Benny Benassi, Thurs. April 26th

    Armand van Helden, May 3rd.

  • The OFFICIAL grand opening of the full venue named TRIQ in the Planet Hollywood Hotel (formerly known as The Aladdin) is during SuperCross weekend.
    May 4th and 5th DJ and musician, MICHAEL TOAST with Supercross' Carey Hart will host a grand opening with live performance, special effects, and celebrity appearances from SuperCross riders.

  • France's David Guetta makes his first Las Vegas appearance on Wednesday, April 25th. Local DJ/ VIP host/ TV personality Jack Lafleur is the hosting DJ. This event is sponsored by Vegas Alliance, Ministry of Sound and Ultra.

  • RESON8 party at ICEHOUSE

    The 4/20 festival
    three rooms of entertainment:

    Downstairs: Jackyl & Hyde, Monk, and Jimmy Hoffa

    Upstairs: Silver Chosen, Genr8, Feight, U.S. Marshall, The Specialist,
    Phoenix Orion, and Ganjaboot with MC Dina

    Patio: DJ Halo, Keith Evan, Ala Mode, and DJ Shoe

Live Internet Radio

Live internet radio has been on since 1998. Founder Kevin has kept the web site in continuous operation with bandwidth garnered from his other profession: IT professional/ manager of servers for a web hosting company.

It ain't cheap keeping the music alive!

But it IS free to listen!

For other info. about clubbing in Las Vegas visit the free local weekly newspapers web sites: Las Vegas City Life & Las Vegas Weekly, or you can pick up a hard copy of them once you arrive.

--- Xtine on the sin city scene

Peace and Light
Global Peace GrooVes

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