Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Vegas Eye - Site Of The Day

Today's site of the day on WHV is Michael Politz's "The Vegas Eye".


"The Vegas Eye" is the most anticipated weekly sources of what goes on behind the scenes in Las Vegas with breaking scoops and news that captures the true 'Buzz on Booze, Bars, Parties, Food and more'! Thousands of industry bigwigs and local industry cats in the know wait and watch for "The Vegas Eye" to hit their inboxes, Black Berries, Sidekicks and Treos every Monday night. We're reaching approximately 2 million readers through America Online in addition to a direct blast to over 100,000 inboxes worldwide; we break the news that makes the Strip, and all of Las Vegas the center of the hospitality universe."


  • "The Vegas Eye is an integral part of success for today's modern chefs. From hot restaurant trends to rocking parties and industry news, no one dishes the dish quite like the Eye. Although it is often imitated, it is certainly never replicated!"
    -Christopher Palmeri, Executive Chef, Diego [MGM Grand]

  • "Working around the clock, seven days a week, I don't have a lot of time to stay up to date on what is happening around town. That's why I rely on The Vegas Eye to keep me informed. I love it!"
    - Nick Landazuri, General Manager, Rainbow Bar &; Grill

  • "The Vegas Eye is the one e-mail that I am SURE to read. As the 'david' in the multi-million-dollar nightclub industry, it helps me keep track of all the 'goliaths.' Not only does it keep me informed, but more importantly, it tells me where LVFBM and The Vegas Eye are going to be because the real party is always close by!"
    - Mike Goodwin, Owner, OPM Nightclub

  • "Living in LA, it is often difficult to stay on top of all the Vegas happenings; The Eye lets me know what I have to know in order to stay current on the Vegas restaurant and nightlife scene."
    - Lonnie Moore, Owner, Dolce Group - Los Angeles, California

  • "The 'Eye' is the Holy Bible of Las Vegas restaurants and night life."
    - Mike "Boogieman" Malin, Owner, Dolce Group - Los Angeles, California

The above excerpted from the official "The Vegas Eye" MySpace page.


Anonymous said...

this web site "The Vegas Eye" has
a lot of juicy gossip for sure!
Especially the bits about
Maxim possibly going to Planet Hollywood Hotel, and Anna Nicole Smith having a supposed affair with Magician Steve Wyrick.

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

Thanks Anonymous Christine! Don't even ask me how I know. (smiles)

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