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The Beatles Revolution Lounge in The Mirage -The Xtine Report -

The very latest post from the talented local personality Xtine from Global Peace GrooVes Christine - she is a very knowledgeable insider on the local Vegas club scene and nightlife.

The Beatles Revolution Lounge being open seven nights per week is helping to keep the image of Las Vegas as being the type of city that is really 24-7 and not just part of the slogan to help market sin city.

Ink, from Canada opened the club in late December 2006, just six months after the successful launch of The Beatles Cirque du Soleil LOVE.

The cd soundtrack for LOVE by The Beatles has been the number one selling cd in the world: fueled by rave reviews and sold out shows since April's opening of the show.

LOVE and Revolution have been integral parts of a multifaceted approach to recreating the image of The Mirage. Revolution Lounge has a different theme of music each night of the week to ensure that locals and tourists alike are assured of variety.

The Abbey Road bar is situated just outside of Revolution lounge to offer the passerby a quick alcoholic refreshment and a sneak peak of the action inside the club.

The word "REVOLUTION" with benches cleverly placed inside the letters offers patrons a place to sit or for the go go dancers to perch while shimmying to the music.

  • Monday evenings the cast of Cirque du Soleil are in attendance at Revolution while LOVE is dark. DJ Sarah FAB plays music while Cirque performers strut and occasionally offer improvisational performances of their skills.

  • Tuesdays at Revolution, called "FOREVER", offer lounge, electronica and downtempo sounds.

  • Wednesday evenings are dubbed "Come Together" and are considered Industry or Local appreciation night, with offers of 2 for 1 bottle service and a Top 40 play list.

  • Thursday evenings are called "THIS IS LONDON". DJ Mestizo Six9 plays the best of the British invasion music including Depeche Mode, The Cure, Blur and more.

  • Fridays and Saturday evenings patrons can expect an eclectic mix of music all night long for their party "Let It Be."

  • Sundays the party's name is "Hacienda" or "House". Resident host DJ Luca, aka Digital Boy (myspace.com/lucadigitalboy) begins the evenings with a variety of house and popular music with timely songs to help get the crowd ready for the international dj's who perform as headliners. Past headliners have been Tommy Lee of Rockstar Supernova for a dj set and recording artist, remixer , and music producer Kaskade. April 15th veteran dj and music producer Louie Vega will be the headlining dj.

For more info. about Revolution, please visit their interactive web site.

Also, visit Luca aka Digital Boy's Myspace page.

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Luca aka Digital Boy Revolution Las Vegas

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Pictures of Beatles Revolution Lounge Resident dj Luca aka Digital Boy taken on April 1st by Xtine:


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