Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Introducing Christine (Xtine), guest "Vegas Parties & Nightlife" blogger on WHV

What's Happening Now!
The very talented local personality Christine from Global Peace GrooVes has agreed to share her posts with me on occasion. She is a very knowledgeable insider on the local Vegas club scene and nightlife, and I will occasionally feature her posts on WHV, when she lets me! Especially the ones about clubbing, parties, and nightlife in Vegas! Feel free to jump over to her blog site and share the love. Many of you probably already know her. She provided some awesome pictures of the Vegas New Year's Eve fireworks in a previous post here at WHV.

To give you an idea of the up-to-date insider information Christine can provide, I've extracted the following from her last Valentine's Day post (not that long ago?)

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

I hear it's snowing ski slopes full back east so snuggle I suppose.

Hoping that people get what they want when they come to Vegas CLUBBING WISE...

I have put forth an effort to help

I connect people via my myspace page and web site and in-person as well.

Because I've noticed when I go out the demand is there!

Because the visitors can't figure out where to go and what the game / rules are sometimes and who is spinning what and at what time and how to get the hook up to get in.

The nightclubs in hotels and stand alone clubs have sprung up by the dozens in Las Vegas, especially over the past seven years. (to about 40 clubs, and there is a seven night per week schedule here - does that happen anywhere else? maybe Los Angeles and London)

It's built up to the point of having monthly industry mixers and Las Vegas Music Conferences.

I know plenty of VIP hosts who can help get people on guest lists and web sites that can help.

It's hard enough for people to come here and book a room, let alone choose the right club for their clubbing experience when they come.

I have noticed the crowds have gone up 1000% since I started going clubbing here.

Even with so many contacts it's sometimes hard.(and there is still some drama!)

I have to say it's still worth it! Las Vegas clubbing has beautiful people, nice architecture, decent music, entertainers, good service,and plenty of people hooking up.

I'm always out for the music and the friendship. That is my advice for longevity in 'clubland'

-- Xtine


GroovesGirlVegas said...

Hello WHV!!!

What a warm welcome to blogging on Google!


This week I'll be attending a showing of the documentary film
"First Four Years of First Friday" at the W. Charleston Library
on Wed. March 14, 2007 @ 7 PM.

I'll also be seeing Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil at New York New York on Thursday.

With all the festivities for St. Patrick's Day this coming weekend,
there will surely be a log to blog about!

Peace and Light
Global Peace GrooVes

On the www and on MySpace:

Global Peace

Global Peace GrooVes Christine on MySpace.

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

You are more than welcome here, Chistine.

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