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Xtine's Vegas Nightlife Update - St. Patrick's Day -

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The very latest post from the talented local personality Xtine from Global Peace GrooVes Christine - she is a very knowledgeable insider on the local Vegas club scene. and nightlife.

Pearl in The Palms, Playboy & TriQ

Opening Of Perl Theatre - Palms Hotel & Casino

St. Patrick's Day was awesome for this Las Vegas local.

My girlfriend Bernie and her husband Joe were staying VIP at the Palms Hotel this weekend.

Our friend, Tommy Urso, who works in the high limits gaming room and for the Palms Hotel, hooked us up with time up in the Playboy club and for a truly remarkable evening with the opening of Pearl, the newest performance theatre in Las Vegas.

George Maloof, one of the owners of The Palms hosted the grand opening of his new theatre "Pearl", wearing a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day and saluting his mother, who was in the audience.

Three bands opened Pearl:

  1. Finger Eleven
  2. Chevelle
  3. Evanescence

All three performances were fantastic, IMHO and this is the best mid-size performance theatre in Las Vegas.

It's got seating up four levels and standing room only.

I don't recall any other theatre of that capacity having as much to offer that Pearl does.

They gave away I Tunes download cards for Evanescence's performance @ The Palms.

Once I can get my new I Tunes version 7 fixed so it will connect with the store, I'll be there.

I've spent thousands of dollars there over the past four years, but the new player won't be tamed for love nor money.

I have to call in the geek squad.

Palms' Playboy & Moon Clubs

Second part of St. Patrick's in sin city:

Going to the Playboy room while Johnny Brenden hosted the official after party at Moon, one floor higher in the Fantasy tower of The Palms, was extremely tenuous. It takes the patience of St. Patrick himself to navigate the 8 person deep crowd.

Thanks to patience of the seasoned party going, being women, having a friend staying at the hotel, having several friends who work at the hotel, and friends in high places with the n9ne group, we (finally) made it in.

The cast and crew from the premiere of the film "What Love Is" with Cuba Gooding Jr. were there.

If you read up on Internet Movie Data Base, and, you will find that the film is getting good reviews. It is an 'adult' themed film, similar to the TV show "Sex & The City".

We had a great time listening to one of the widest range of music styles I can recall in recent 30 second clip of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with "Grease Lighting" from the Grease soundtrack the next 30 seconds then to Gym Class Heroes "Cupid's Choke Hold" (take a look at my girlfriend riff/ lyrics from Supertramp...) to hip hop classics to the Electric Slide to rock from the Steve Miller band.... very cool! I feel I should comment that the bartenders are friendly and the security staff is plentiful at Playboy, Moon and Nove. With the type of volume of patronage the clubs / restaurant receives amount of tight-knit security measured can't be complained about from our group's experience though. It is appreciated to know that everyone is being properly cared for!

The TriQ

WE ended our evening at TriQ after-hours club. It's in the Planet Hollywood Hotel, formerly known as The Aladdin. We were guests of resident DJ Michael Toast. "Toasty" has got skills man! He's a great dj and genuinely nice person.

He had all the ladies dressed for St. Patrick's Day dancing up in his own VIP section very close to his dj 'decks'.

TriQ had a visit from the crew of MTV there taping for MTV Spring Break.

Many party people were shaking their groove thangs to DJ Michael Toast's perfectly mixed beats while the cameras caught their moves.

TriQ has illuminated tables, plenty of places to sit, and poles for people to strut around.

I'll be back there for sure!

Personal News From Xtine

In personal news:

We've got our first race car, a V Class, VW 1985, Open Wheel Road Car which can go to speeds up to 130 m.p.h.

Our little "speed racer" will be out riding on auto cross tracks.

See you out and about.

Wishing I was going to Miami for the Winter Music Conference!!!!

Everyone has a party down there!

They're playing "Put The Needle On the Record" and "High Tech Soul" films along with the fashion and the music and industry panels from March 20th until the 25th.

If you're going, hit me up with some scoop.

Peace and Light

Xtine on the sin city scene!

-- Xtine

See you out & about

Peace and Light

DESIGNATE a driver Please!!!

Xtine on the sin city scene!

-- Xtine

Peace and Light
Global Peace GrooVes

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Michael Leonard Fisher said...


I can "party all the time" (with apalogies to Eddie Murphy!) vicariously reading your posts. Compared to you, I live a very mundane life! :)

Thanks for all your great contributions to my blog!

GroovesGirlVegas said...

It just seems
like I'm living the crazy life! I did it powered by sugar-free Red Bull's and lots of water. I'm still nursing a sprained back and am currently passing a kidney stone. You never know what people are escaping from while out and about being creatures of the night do you ?
Now is the time for sleep.
Ah, the luxury of sleep.
I wanted to say I would like to
go and see what's up with Polyesthers @ The Stratosphere.
They recently opened with four decades of music in four different themed rooms. Also, I would love to catch
The Producers at the Paris Hotel starring David Hasselhoff.

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