Saturday, March 03, 2007

Site Of The Day - for Vegas information you may not want to know!

Las Vegas Las Vegas convention authority's (new?) official web site and "Official Las Vegas Tourism Web Site" has adopted this new character, Vic Wonder: Vegas Visionary, a licensed psychic. So far, he has not given me the next Megabucks machine to win - maybe you will have more luck than I did.

Click here for your free psychic "reading" (not for faint of heart or small children!!) Vic delivers tantamount to what he charges!

Actually, I must confess that there is a huge bandwidth problem with the Flash animation and sometimes (Lord knows why anybody would release an ad campaign with such glitches!) it sometimes does not even transfer you to the proper site! I guess this makes it the site of the day that needs improvement. Nobody ever said that my "site of the day" was a good site or even a "great" site. Just a site that is unique and may even need some more work!

For anybody ( you in the last row )still interested in exploring the psychic world, here is the direct link to Vic at

Any negative comments should be directed to, not me!

I think the concept of a Vegas psychic is a cool idea - too bad it was executed in such a poor way.

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