Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Search Of The Great Blog Header Continued

Nevins at Barter My Skills just made my day by fixing my blogger header so it is readable. Nevins offers to barter his skills, but I have no skills to barter, so I will make a donation. Nevins is so skilled that he was able to fix my header immediately. I've asked others with Computer Science degrees and IT training to look at it and they just shook their heads.

Nevins made me feel that my blog was blog of the day!

Nevins is such a nice guy, get to know him and use his services:

Barter Your Skills Now!


nevins manafe said...

Thanks Mike! :)

Morgen said...

Nevins did his usual great job for you, Mike! Congrats!

Scott from Oregon said...

Hi Mike!

I found the coment you left me on my "practice" blog. It doesn't even get sent to my email (though I should change that)...

Anyway, kazooboo2@yahoo.com


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