Friday, January 12, 2007

The Las Vegas Farmers' Market

Out here in the desert oasis of Las Vegas, we depend on most goods being shipped in via truck. It is nice to know that there is an outlet where local vendors ( Artisan's, Artists & Farmers ) can sell their wares to the public.

The following is from About Las Vegas:

"The Las Vegas Farmers' Market® began in November 1999 with 9 booths. According to the Las Vegas Farmers' Market web site, today you can find "...over 25 booths, including furniture, jewelry, arts and crafts. Over 5,000 people stop by each week."

There are two farmers' markets open now, one at Gardens Park and one at Bruce Trent Park. The farmers' market at Centennial Hills Park will open in March. Here are the directions.

The big draw at our Farmers' Markets is, of course, the fruits and vegetables. There are four categories of producers at the markets:

1. Self. Grown, organic, supplemental

2. Conventional. On your own farm or in your garden

3. Organic. Biodynamically grown

4. Conventional/supplemental. Grown on a neighboring farm, bought from other farmers, or picked by you from another farm.

Besides fruits and veggies, you'll find local fresh breads and pastries, nuts, plants and more. Local artisans and artists will be on hand with arts & crafts to sell. Here's a list of the usual participants."

Farmers' markets--a family destination!

- By Judy Hedding

Saturday January 13, 2007


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