Monday, January 15, 2007

In Search Of The Great Banner Donor - Update

I want to thank Laura from The Noodle Incident for providing an excellent photo (see above) of the Excalibur, which I have "partially" (see discussion below) used as a first step in replacing my old header. I'm still looking forward to seeing her other night photos and have maybe committed myself to a dinner for two when she and her husband next visit our currently somewhat frigid city.

I am forever grateful to her for helping me find a new "look". The work is not completed, however. I've tried to contact the template author (since I do not speak XML) with some ideas on how to make my header panel banner larger, so you can see and appreciate more of Laura's photo. John from Cute Vegas Map is ever on the ready to help with improved text overlays (it is still hard to read my tag line) and possibly some cool animation to boot.

One of my greatest faults is that I am too impatient: I had to try the new banner on for size, and I still need to talk to the experts out there - it will be a step by step process, but who knows, maybe I'm just Vegas trippin'? Someday God, please, my own domain!

Actually, it is a major improvement, and with everybody helping me, how can I lose? I wish I could say the same about my gambling experiences.


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